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People of Complexity Workshop

Decolonizing Identity and Reclaiming Ancestral Wisdom

4 Weeks Healing Workshop


for folks of mixed-race ancestry to tap into belonging in a resiliency trauma-informed container and ceremonial space. We will delve into the inner decolonizing work and make space for nuanced and vulnerable conversations about identity.

March 17th, 24th, April 7th, 14th


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People of Complexity embody a tapestry of mixed cultures, races, religions, and lands, a fusion that reflects our diverse ancestral heritage spanning the globe. Our complexions range from luminous pale to rich melanin, illustrating the beautiful multiplicity and intersections within our community.


People of Complexity often emerge as catalysts for breaking generational cycles. Many among us, owing to the sacrifices of our parents, find ourselves with greater resources and heightened consciousness. This provides us with the tools and the necessary space to deeply feel the reverberations of trauma passed down through generations. The urgency we sense for healing stems from our commitment to preventing the perpetuation of this inherited trauma.

Meet the People of Complexity Team

people of complexity workshop flyer_edited.jpg

Workshop Curriculum

*Note that the structure could change depending on community needs.*


Week One: Orienting and Resourcing

(Sunday, March 17th, 1PM-4PM EST, 10AM-1PM PST)

Week Two: Ancestral Healing and Cacao Ceremony 

(Sunday, March 24th, 1PM-4PM EST, 10AM-1PM PST)

Week Three: The Energetics of Belonging and Interbeing

(Sunday, April 7th, 1PM-4PM EST, 10AM-1PM PST)

Week Four: Reclaiming and Accountability

(Sunday, April 14th, 1PM-4PM EST, 10AM-1PM PST:)

You will receive:

  • People of Complexity eBook-the workshop on paper with rituals, prompts and further resources.

  • Recordings of the live sessions.

  • Recorded guided practices for download.

  • An option for a medicine bag with cacao, candles, incense, sprays, and more.


Testimonials from past participants!

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