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"I am a compassionate companion on the path to liberation."



My name is Rysse (like Still I Rise). I am a Psychotherapist, Coach, Group Facilitator, Community Builder, Writer, and Liberation Activist. 


I am a first-generation immigrant from the island of Quisqueya (Dominican Republic). I proudly come from a lineage of Brujas (witches) and Curanderas (healers). I have reverence for the profound calling to be of service. Healing is my compass and my life's work. 

My Only Agenda is Connection

Western Psychotherapy relies on diagnosis, treatment plans, and interventions. As a therapist decolonizing healing, I do not work within these systems that often lack connection. 


I am honored that people trust me with their deepest and most challenging feelings and experiences. Before I use any tool or modality at my disposal, I  prioritize genuine good-hearted connection with my clients.


My Education

Like many healers, my work is informed by a lifetime of education and my own healing journey. 

Therapeutic Healing


Therapeutic Healing incorporates Buddhist Psychology, Indigenous Focusing Oriented Trauma Healing, Somatic Experience, Inner relationship focusing, mindfulness, yoga, and witch alchemy rituals. 


Group facilitation dedicated to specific shared identities and themes. Groups intention are to build authentic community, consciousness-raising, and healing collectively. Some groups are seasonal and some are ongoing. Check-in for current and upcoming groups.

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