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"I am a compassionate companion on the path to liberation."



Hello! Hola! My name is Rysse, like Still I Rise.


I am a Buddhist Psychotherapist, Group Facilitator, Writer, Liberation Activist, and a Transformational Coach.


I am a therapist by training, and curandera and bruja by ancestral lineage.


I am guided by radical interconnectedness and love.


Second generation immigrant by way of la Isla Quisqueya.


Queer by way of lover of all bodies.


What is Transformational Psychotherapy?

An integration of many healing modalities, including:

  • Buddhist Psychology

  • Indigenous Focusing-Oriented Trauma Healing

  • Transformational Coaching

  • Human Design

  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Social Justice Counseling

  • Trauma-informed Yoga 

  • Somatic Experience

  • Nervous system regulation tools

  • Breathwork

  • Spirituality

  • Parts Work/ Inner relationship focusing

  • Ancestral healing

  • Mindfulness

  • Compassion

  • Herbal and plant medicine alternatives to medication

Side profile picture of Rysse with arms wide open, eyes closed, big smile, and head facing up. In the distance is a hazy view of a river and trees. Rysse is wearing a black shirt, pink dangly earings, and an emerald necklace. Her hair is natural curly.

My only agenda is connection


Therapeutic Orientation

I practice from the Buddhist perspective that everyone is at their core good and wise. I do not take the role of expert, but rather as a guide to your inner wisdom. 

The body is a sovereign being. I guide clients to re-member their bodies as we journey through moving trauma and ego attachments. 

Sessions with me can be experienced as a present-moment meditation. Together we navigate the inner world of your sensations, feelings, spirit, and mind. I invite lots of pausing and reconnecting inward. Through sacred pauses and compassionate inquiry of all our parts, we can tap into naturally arising medicine and sustainable healing. 

I also integrate Transformational Coaching with therapy. As we are looking to the past with therapeutic tools and clearing generational trauma, we are also looking to the future and creating the life of your dreams.

Rysse with a smik sitting on a bench. In the distancde is a view of the hudson river and trees. Rysse has curly hair and is wearing a black shirt with highwaisted panted with blue and gold flowers. Rysse has one arm up on the foundation on her left on the other arm on the bench.

Identity and Collective Liberation

"Spiritual work is not separate from the work of collective liberation."

As a Person of Complexity (a person with mixed-race ancestry), I have the capacity in my body to hold multiple identities and truths at once. 


I engage spirituality as inextricably connected to social justice and collective liberation. None of us are free until we are all free. 

I support my clients in exploring the complex journey of identity, race, gender, class, etc. through a nervous system-informed spiritual lens for the purpose of collective liberation. 

RysseGuzman sitting on a bench with the distant view of a river and red green trees. Rysse is wearing a blue dress with red design and red string around her waist. Rysse has one arm up over her head and another on her leg. Rysse is looking up distantly.

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