Therapeutic Healing & Coaching

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Rysse is standing with her arms down besides her. She is wearing glasses, an earth pink shirt, and highwaisted black pants. Her hair is natural and curly swaying left from the wind.

​Rysse (like Still I Rise) is a Healer, Buddhist Psychotherapist. She is a second-generation immigrant from the island of Quisqueya (Dominican Republic). She comes from a lineage of Brujas (witches) and Curanderas (healers) and is passionate about integrating and reclaiming ancestral healing. Rysse's life purpose is to be a guide to the light. She aims to dismantle oppressive systems internally and as a collective. 

Rysse's credentials include Masters in Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology from Naropa University, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification, Udemy Certification in EFT Tapping, and she is currently undergoing training for certification in The Indigenous Focusing Oriented Trauma Therapy (IFOT).



Rysse offer tools and guidance as we embark on a healing collaboration. Therapeutic Healing incorporates aspects of Mental Health Counseling  with other healing modalities, such as Buddhist Psychology, mindfulness, yoga, trauma healing techniques, EFT Tapping, curanderismo, spirituality, and ancestral healing.


Group facilitation dedicated to specific shared identities and themes. Groups intention are to build authentic community, consciousness-raising, and healing collectively. Some groups are seasonal and some are ongoing. Check-in for current and upcoming groups.


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